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Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Tutorial
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Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Tutorial » Editing » Value Format 

Select a cell or a range. 
           Click the Home tab. 
           Click the Number Format list arrow. 
           Click Short Date
Click the Home tab. Click the Number Format list arrow. Click Short Date
Check the result
Check the result

2.15.Value Format
2.15.1.Format Values as NumberFormat Values as Number
2.15.2.Format Values as CurrencyFormat Values as Currency
2.15.3.Format Values as Long DateFormat Values as Long Date
2.15.4.Format NumbersFormat Numbers
2.15.5.Format CurrencyFormat Currency
2.15.6.Short Date Format Short Date Format
2.15.7.Long Date Format Long Date Format
2.15.8.Percentage FormatPercentage Format
2.15.9.Scientific Format Scientific Format
2.15.10.Format a Number Using the Format Cells Dialog BoxFormat a Number Using the Format Cells Dialog Box
2.15.11.To create a custom number format using the Format Cells Dialog BoxTo create a custom number format using the Format Cells Dialog Box
2.15.12.Format numbers in international currenciesFormat numbers in international currencies
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