Formula « Formula « Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Tutorial

6.1.1.Enter a FormulaEnter a Formula
6.1.2.Display Formulas in CellsDisplay Formulas in Cells
6.1.3.Copy a Formula Using AutoFillCopy a Formula Using AutoFill
6.1.4.Copy a Formula Using the ClipboardCopy a Formula Using the Clipboard
6.1.5.Use Paste Special to copy only formulasUse Paste Special to copy only formulas
6.1.6.Use keyboard commands to recalculate formulas
6.1.7.Convert a Formula to a ValueConvert a Formula to a Value
6.1.8.Print formulasPrint formulas
6.1.9.Change Formula OptionsChange Formula Options

6.1.10.Include a link in a formula
6.1.11.Hide or Show FormulasHide or Show Formulas
6.1.12.Select the calculating optionsSelect the calculating options