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Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial
2.Editing Format
4.Chart Table
5.WordArt Picture Clip Art Shape
6.Add ins Macro ActiveX
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1.1.9.Start User-Initiated Safe Mode
Click the Start button on the taskbar, 
       point to All Programs, and then click Microsoft Office. 
       Press and hold Ctrl, and then click Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007.
Click the Start button on the taskbar, point to All Programs, and then click Microsoft Office. Press and hold Ctrl, and then click Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007.
1.1.1.Starting PowerPointStarting PowerPoint
1.1.2.Create a program shortcut from the Start menu to the desktopCreate a program shortcut from the Start menu to the desktop
1.1.3.Choose a Command from the Office MenuChoose a Command from the Office Menu
1.1.4.Choose a Command from a Shortcut MenuChoose a Command from a Shortcut Menu
1.1.5.Diagnose and Repair ProblemsDiagnose and Repair Problems
1.1.6.Get PowerPoint Updates on the WebGet PowerPoint Updates on the Web
1.1.7.Close a PresentationClose a Presentation
1.1.8.Quit PowerPointQuit PowerPoint
1.1.9.Start User-Initiated Safe ModeStart User-Initiated Safe Mode
1.1.10.To add a slide with a different layoutTo add a slide with a different layout
1.1.11.Setting General PowerPoint OptionsSetting General PowerPoint Options
1.1.12.Change Advanced OptionsChange Advanced Options
1.1.13.Add a Language to Office ProgramsAdd a Language to Office Programs
1.1.14.Set Developer OptionsSet Developer Options  | Contact Us | Privacy Policy
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