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2.12.Object Operations
2.12.1.Select and Deselect an ObjectSelect and Deselect an Object
2.12.2.Resize an ObjectResize an Object
2.12.3.Move an Object
2.12.4.Use keyboard shortcuts to cut, copy, and paste objects
2.12.5.Delete an ObjectDelete an Object
2.12.6.Copy or Move an Object in One StepCopy or Move an Object in One Step
2.12.7.Copy or Move an ObjectCopy or Move an Object
2.12.8.Move an Object with PrecisionMove an Object with Precision
2.12.9.Rotate an Object to any AngleRotate an Object to any Angle

2.12.10.Rotate or Flip an Object Using Preset IncrementsRotate or Flip an Object Using Preset Increments
2.12.11.Precisely Rotate an ObjectPrecisely Rotate an Object
2.12.12.Constrain the rotation to 15-degree incrementsConstrain the rotation to 15-degree increments