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5.7.1.Insert a Picture from a FileInsert a Picture from a File
5.7.2.Change a pictureChange a picture
5.7.3.Apply a Shape to a PictureApply a Shape to a Picture
5.7.4.Set a picture back to its original formSet a picture back to its original form
5.7.5.Add a Quick Style to a PictureAdd a Quick Style to a Picture
5.7.6.Apply a Border to a PictureApply a Border to a Picture
5.7.7.Remove a borderRemove a border
5.7.8.Add an Effect to a PictureAdd an Effect to a Picture
5.7.9.Resize a PictureResize a Picture

5.7.10.Resize a Picture PreciselyResize a Picture Precisely
5.7.11.Precisely Scale a PicturePrecisely Scale a Picture
5.7.12.Compress a PictureCompress a Picture
5.7.13.Change BrightnessChange Brightness
5.7.14.Change ContrastChange Contrast
5.7.15.Recolor a PictureRecolor a Picture
5.7.16.Set a Transparent BackgroundSet a Transparent Background
5.7.17.Crop a PictureCrop a Picture
5.7.18.Redisplay a Cropped PictureRedisplay a Cropped Picture
5.7.19.Crop a Picture PreciselyCrop a Picture Precisely

5.7.20.Rotate a PictureRotate a Picture
5.7.21.Supported Graphic File Formats