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5.9.1.Draw a ShapeDraw a Shape
5.9.2.Delete a shapeDelete a shape
5.9.3.Draw a perfect circle or squareDraw a perfect circle or square
5.9.4.Resize a ShapeResize a Shape
5.9.5.Resize the object with precise measurementsResize the object with precise measurements
5.9.6.Adjust a ShapeAdjust a Shape
5.9.7.Replace a shapeReplace a shape
5.9.8.Insert Multiple ShapesInsert Multiple Shapes
5.9.9.Add Text to a ShapeAdd Text to a Shape

5.9.10.Add a Bulleted or Numbered List to a ShapeAdd a Bulleted or Numbered List to a Shape
5.9.11.Wrap and Adjust Text MarginsWrap and Adjust Text Margins
5.9.12.To draw a connectorTo draw a connector
5.9.13.Customize the Way You Create Shape ObjectsCustomize the Way You Create Shape Objects