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1.1.1.Starting WordStarting Word
1.1.2.Create a program shortcut from the Start menu to the desktopCreate a program shortcut from the Start menu to the desktop
1.1.3.Closing a Document and Exiting WordClosing a Document and Exiting Word
1.1.4.To Exit WordTo Exit Word
1.1.5.Getting Updates on the WebGetting Updates on the Web
1.1.6.Find Online Office InformationFind Online Office Information
1.1.7.Diagnose and Repair ProblemsDiagnose and Repair Problems
1.1.8.Run Microsoft Office DiagnosticsRun Microsoft Office Diagnostics
1.1.9.Change Popular OptionsChange Popular Options

1.1.10.Change Advanced General OptionsChange Advanced General Options
1.1.11.Change Default Page SetupChange Default Page Setup