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Kerning is the amount of space between each individual character.

Select the text you want to format.
Select the text you want to format.
Click the Home tab.
Click the Home tab.
Click the Font Dialog Box Launcher
Click the Font Dialog Box Launcher
Click the Character Spacing tab.
Click the Character Spacing tab.
Click the Spacing list arrow, and click an option,
Click the Spacing list arrow, and click an option,
Then specify a point size to expand or condense spacing by the amount specified.
Then specify a point size to expand or condense spacing by the amount specified.
Click the Position list arrow, and click an option
Click the Position list arrow, and click an option
Then specify a point size to raise or lower the text in relation to the baseline (bottom of the text).
Then specify a point size to raise or lower the text in relation to the baseline (bottom of the text).
Select the Kerning for fonts check box, and then specify a point size.
Select the Kerning for fonts check box, and then specify a point size.
Check the results in the Preview box.
Check the results in the Preview box.
To make the new formatting options the default for all new Word documents, click Default, and then click Yes.
To make the new formatting options the default for all new Word documents, click Default, and then click Yes.
Click OK.
Click OK.

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