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Click the cell where the result appears
Click the cell where the result appears
Click the Layout tab under Table Tools.
Click the Layout tab under Table Tools.
Click the Formula button.
Click the Formula button.
Click the Paste Function list arrow
Click the Paste Function list arrow
Then select function.
Then select a function.

To average the values in cells a1 through a4, the formula would be =Average(a1,a4).

For the average of a row in the last column of the row, the formula would be =Average(left)

In the Number format box, enter a format for the numbers.
In the Number format box, enter a format for the numbers.
To display a decimal percentage, click 0.00%.
To display a decimal percentage, click 0.00%.
To display a average, enter 0.00 in the Number Format box.
To display a average, enter 0.00 in the Number Format box.

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