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4.1.Create Table
4.1.1.The syntax for creating a table
4.1.2.Creating Tables with AUTO_INCREMENT and NOT NULL column
4.1.3.Use a CREATE TABLE statement to specify the layout of your table:
4.1.4.'IF NOT EXISTS' parameter can be used to check if a table exists before you actually create it
4.1.5.CREATE TABLE table_name (column_name field_type [NULL|NOT NULL],KEY col_index(column_name));
4.1.7.Copy a table with Create ... Select statement
4.1.8.Create a table by UNION another table
4.1.9.Creating table with Foreign key

4.1.10.Creating a Table with an Index
4.1.11.Table and Column Definition with character and collate
4.1.12.The CHARACTER SET attribute specifies the character set, and the COLLATE attribute specifies a collation for the character set