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  1. [:digit:] matches all numbers.
  2. [:alnum:] matches all numbers and letters (alphanumerics).
  3. [:alpha:] matches characters only.
  4. [:lower:] matches lowercase characters.
  5. [:upper:] matches uppercase characters.
  6. [:space:] matches spaces.
  7. [:punct:] matches punctuation.
  8. [:print:] matches printable characters.
  9. [:cntrl:] matches control characters.

18.8.Bracketed Special Classes
18.8.1.Bracketed Classes
18.8.2.[:digit:] matches all numbers.
18.8.3.The bracketed expression [[:digit]] matches numbers
18.8.5.Matching for a non-digit
18.8.6.[:alnum:] matches all numbers and letters (alphanumerics).
18.8.7.[:alpha:] matches characters only.
18.8.8.[:lower:] matches lowercase characters.
18.8.9.[:upper:] matches uppercase characters.
18.8.10.[:space:] matches spaces.
18.8.11.[:punct:] matches punctuation.
18.8.12.[:print:] matches printable characters.
18.8.13.[:cntrl:] matches control characters.