This is an anonymous procedure, so it has no name : Code Block « PL SQL Programming « Oracle PL/SQL Tutorial

SQL> declare
  2    /*
  3     declare local cursors, variables, and methods here,
  4     but you don't need to have a declaration section.
  5    */
  6  begin
  7    -- You write your logic here
  9    null;  -- Ahhh, you've got to have at least one command!
 10  exception
 11    when NO_DATA_FOUND then
 12      raise_application_error(-20000, 'Hey, No Data Found!');
 13  end;
 14  /

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.


24.4.Code Block
24.4.1.This is an anonymous procedure, so it has no name
24.4.2.A PL/SQL Block
24.4.3.Uses a PL/SQL Nested Block
24.4.4.Inline procedure
24.4.5.the forward slash on a line by itself says execute this procedure
24.4.6.Inner function
24.4.7.Select the first names for the Doe family from the Worker table.
24.4.8.Inner procedure in an anonymous function
24.4.9.Demonstrate nested PL/SQL blocks