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Oracle provides several data dictionary views that provide information about procedures that are currently stored in your schema:

  1. all_errors: A list of current errors on all objects accessible to the user
  2. all_source: Text source of all stored objects accessible to the user
  3. user_objects:A list of all the objects the current user has access to
  4. dba_errors:Current errors on all stored objects in the database
  5. dba_object_size:All PL/SQL objects in the database
  6. dba_source:Text source of all stored objects in the database
  7. user_errors:Current errors on all a user's stored objects
  8. user_source:Text source of all stored objects belonging to the user
  9. user_object_size:User's PL/SQL objects
SELECT object_name, object_type
from user_objects
WHERE status = 'INVALID';

27.5.2.A procedure block.
27.5.3.Wrapping a task into a procedure
27.5.4.Storing PL/SQL procedure in the Database
27.5.5.Creating stored procedures
27.5.6.Execute a procedure
27.5.7.Demonstration of a nested procedure block
27.5.8.Create or replace a procedure
27.5.9.Calling a Procedure
27.5.10.Pass ROWTYPE to a procedure
27.5.11.Insert debug line to the stored procedure with DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE
27.5.12.Listing Stored Procedure Information
27.5.13.Decrease salary with user procedure
27.5.14.Forward Referencing