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def open_file(file_name, mode):
        the_file = open(file_name, mode)
    except(IOError), e:
        print "Unable to open the file", file_name, "Ending program.\n", e
        raw_input("\n\nPress the enter key to exit.")
        return the_file

def next_line(the_file):
    line = the_file.readline()
    line = line.replace("/", "\n")
    return line

def next_block(the_file):
    category = next_line(the_file)
    question = next_line(the_file)
    answers = []
    for i in range(4):
    correct = next_line(the_file)
    if correct:
        correct = correct[0]
    explanation = next_line(the_file) 

    return category, question, answers, correct, explanation

trivia_file = open_file("trivia.txt", "r")
title = next_line(trivia_file)
score = 0

category, question, answers, correct, explanation = next_block(trivia_file)
while category:
    print category
    print question
    for i in range(4):
        print "\t", i + 1, "-", answers[i]

    answer = raw_input("What's your answer?: ")

    if answer == correct:
        print "\nRight!",
        score += 1
        print "\nWrong.",
    print explanation
    print "Score:", score, "\n\n"

    category, question, answers, correct, explanation = next_block(trivia_file)


12.3.Text file
12.3.1.First Python Programs
12.3.2.File Read and Display
12.3.3.Demonstrates reading from a text file
12.3.4.Reads a plain text file
12.3.5.Writing to a text file
12.3.6.Open a file and save text to it
12.3.7.Storing and parsing Python objects in files
12.3.8.print to a file