Processing Parameters Passed to CGI Scripts : Introduction « CGI Web « Python Tutorial

#!/usr/bin/pythonimport cgi, sys

#Send errors to browser
sys.stderr = sys.stdout

#Parse data from form
data = cgi.FieldStorage()

#Send response to browser
print "Content-type: text/html\n"
print "<title>CGI Form Response</title>\n"
print "<h2>Current Quote</h2><P>"

if data.has_key('name') and data.has_key('quote'):
    print "<B>%s</B>: %s" % (data['name'].value, \

22.1.1.A Simple CGI Script
22.1.2.CGI Environment
22.1.3.A Script for Displaying the Environment
22.1.4.Your First Python CGI Script: Hello Apache
22.1.5.Programming Web Services
22.1.6.Processing Parameters Passed to CGI Scripts
22.1.7.Displays the current date and time in a Web browser.
22.1.8.Program to display CGI environment variables
22.1.9.Output current time
22.1.10.escape strings
22.1.11.Output html list
22.1.12.print web page content