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1.9.1.Ranges of the Integral Primitive Types
1.9.2.An integer literal is a value specified in the program source.
1.9.3.The default value for an integer primitive is zero.
1.9.4.Default Integral literal is decimal
1.9.5.Octal integer literal (To indicate octal, prefix the literal with 0 (zero))
1.9.6.Hexadecimal integer literal (To indicate hexadecimal, prefix the literal with 0x or 0X)
1.9.7.octal, decimal, and hexadecimal may be specified as long by placing a suffix of L or l after the number
1.9.8.out of range for short primitive
1.9.9.Assign a primitive variable using a literal or the result of an expression.

1.9.10.A literal integer is always an int, compiler automatically narrows the literal value to a byte
1.9.11.Add two bytes together and you'll get an int.
1.9.12.Integer literals are assumed to be of type int unless the letter L or l is appended.
1.9.13.Division by zero in integer arithmetic produces a runtime ArithmeticException.