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1.31.1.Java byte data type has the same amount of non-zero positive and negative values available.
1.31.2.Answer: Java byte size
1.31.3.Question: Choose the valid identifiers.
1.31.4.Answer: Test the valid identifiers
1.31.5.What are valid the main() method entry point of an application
1.31.6.Answer: valid main method
1.31.7.What are the three top-level elements occur in a source file
1.31.8.Answer: three top level elements
1.31.9.What is the proper sequence for three top-level elements in a source file

1.31.10.Answer: proper sequence for top-level elements
1.31.11.What is the length for array x in the following code?
1.31.12.Answer: get the length of an array
1.31.13.What is the initialized value for x[24]
1.31.14.Answer: initialized value for array
1.31.15.What is the value for array[array.length]?
1.31.16.Answer: value for array[array.length]
1.31.17.What value is printed for public member variable?
1.31.18.Answer: deal with public member value
1.31.19.What is the printed value?

1.31.20.Answer: change member field value
1.31.21.What is the printed value after object recreation?
1.31.22.Answer: method level value