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1.32.1.Importing has no effect on class loading or on any other run-time function(True/False).
1.32.2.Answer: Importing and run-time
1.32.3.Which of the following are legal import statements?
1.32.4.Answer: import declaration
1.32.5.Which of the following may be statically imported?
1.32.6.Answer: static import
1.32.7.What is printed output?
1.32.8.Answer: static string value
1.32.9.What is the output for string s?

1.32.10.Answer: string value output
1.32.11.Which of the following are legal(int type variable declaration)?
1.32.12.Answer: int type variable declaration
1.32.13.Which of the following are valid Java comments?
1.32.14.Answer: create comments
1.32.15.When is v1 object in line 4 first subject to garbage collection?
1.32.16.Answer: ready for garbage collection
1.32.17.At which line is the Vector object, created in line 4, first subject to garbage collection?
1.32.18.Answer: time for garbage collection
1.32.19.How can you force an object to be garbage collected?

1.32.20.Answer: forcing garbage collection
1.32.21.The object became unreachable, if it has been garbage collected(True/False).
1.32.22.Answer: object garbage collection
1.32.23.If an object with a finalize() method has been garbage collected, its finalize() method was invoked by the garbage collector(True/False).
1.32.24.Answer: finalize() and garbage collection
1.32.25.If an object has been garbage collected, its memory is subject to reuse(True/False).
1.32.26.Answer: garbage collection and memory reuse
1.32.27.An unreachable object will be garbage collected(True/False).
1.32.28.Answer: unreachable object and garbage collection
1.32.29.The finalize() method of an unreachable object will be invoked.
1.32.30.Answer: finalize and unreachable
1.32.31.An unreachable object can become reachable again.
1.32.32.Answer: unreachable and reachable
1.32.33.Java garbage collector guarantees that Java programs will never run out of memory(True/False).
1.32.34.Answer: garbage collection and out of memory