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public class MainClass {
    public static void main(String[] args) {
      Days d1 = Days.TH;
      Days d2 = Days.M;
      for(Days d: Days.values()) {
        if(d.equals(Days.F)) break;
        d2 = d;
     System.out.println((d1 == d2)?"same old" : "newly new");
   enum Days {M, T, W, TH, F, SA, SU};

2.13.1.May a class reference appear on the left-hand side of an instanceof operator?
2.13.2.Answer: left-hand side of instanceof operator
2.13.3.May a class appear on the left-hand side of an instanceof operator?
2.13.4.Answer: left-hand side instanceof operator
2.13.5.What is the result(tenary operator)?
2.13.6.Answer: tenary operator
2.13.7.What is the result(command line arguments)?
2.13.8.Answer: command line arguments
2.13.9.What is the result(string Concatenation)?
2.13.10.Answer: string Concatenation
2.13.11.What is the result(Multidimensional arrays)?
2.13.12.Answer: Multidimensional arrays
2.13.13.What is the result(for-each iteration)?
2.13.14.Answer: for-each iteration
2.13.15.What is the output(boolean and logical operators)?
2.13.16.Answer: boolean and logical operators
2.13.17.What is the output(bit masking)?
2.13.18.Answer: bit masking
2.13.19.What is the result(instanceof operator)?
2.13.20.Answer: instanceof operator