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4.5.1.Only primitives are converted automatically (True/False)
4.5.2.Answer: conversion and primitives
4.5.3.Casting of numeric types may require a runtime check (True/False)
4.5.4.Answer: casting and runtime checking
4.5.5.Is the following code compilable(short and byte type assignment)?
4.5.6.Answer: short and byte type assignment
4.5.7.Is the following code compilable(assignment between byte and short)?
4.5.8.Answer: assignment between byte and short
4.5.9.Will the following code compile(byte type value claculation)?

4.5.10.Answer: byte type value claculation
4.5.11.What is the output(int,string mehtod overloading)?
4.5.12.Answer: int,string mehtod overloading