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6.17.1.What is the output of the following program(inner class and outter class)?
6.17.2.Answer: inner class and outter class
6.17.3.The overriding and overridden methods must have the same name, argument list, and return type(True/False).
6.17.4.Answer: signature for overriding and overridden methods
6.17.5.The overriding method must not limit access more than the overridden method(True/False).
6.17.6.Answer: access control for overriding method
6.17.7.The overriding method must not throw any exceptions that may not be thrown by the overridden method(True/False).
6.17.8.Answer: exception and overriding method
6.17.9.The overriding method may not be private(True/False).

6.17.10.Answer: private accessor for overriding method
6.17.11.Local inner classes are not associated with an instance of an outer (enclosing) class(True/False).
6.17.12.Answer: inner class and outter class relation
6.17.13.Local inner classes may access final initialized variables and parameters that are in the scope(True/False).
6.17.14.Answer: inner class and final variable
6.17.15.Local inner classes may be declared public, protected, or private(True/False).
6.17.16.Answer: accessor for inner class
6.17.17.Local inner classes may not implement an interface(True/False).
6.17.18.Answer: interface and inner class
6.17.19.How is an instance of Outer accessed from within the scope of Inner?

6.17.20.Answer: pointer to outter class
6.17.21.What is the output of the following program?
6.17.22.Answer: inner class
6.17.23.Is the following code a legal method overloading?
6.17.24.Answer: method overloading
6.17.25.Is the following code a legal method overloading(naming)?
6.17.26.Answer: overloading and parameter
6.17.27.Is the following code a legal method overloading(exception throwing)?
6.17.28.Answer: method overloading and exception throwing
6.17.29.Is the following code a legal method overriding?
6.17.30.Answer: method overriding
6.17.31.Is the following code a legal method overriding(Exception and overriding)?
6.17.32.Answer: method overriding and exception throwing
6.17.33.What is the output(class inheritance)?
6.17.34.Answer: class inheritance
6.17.35.Which of the following are legitimate calls to construct instances of the Test class?
6.17.36.Answer: class inheritance and constructor
6.17.37.Define Base class to make the subclass legal
6.17.38.Answer: base class and subclass
6.17.39.Which variables can be referenced by System.out.println()?
6.17.40.Answer: variable scope and reference
6.17.41.Is it legal enums? enum Animals { LION, TIGER, BEAR }
6.17.42.Answer: how to define enum