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7.13.1.How to prevent shared data from being corrupted in a multithreaded environment?
7.13.2.Answer: multi-thread
7.13.3.How can you ensure that multithreaded code does not deadlock?
7.13.4.Answer: thread and deadlock
7.13.5.When you declare synchronized code, you can specify the object on whose lock the block should synchronize.
7.13.6.Answer: lock
7.13.7.How to create a thread?
7.13.8.Answer: thread creation
7.13.9.The Runnable interface declares which methods?

7.13.10.Answer: methods in Runnable interface
7.13.11.t implements Runnable interface, which Thread method to call to execute it as a separate thread?
7.13.12.Answer: start method
7.13.13.Which of the following are thread states?
7.13.14.Answer: thread status
7.13.15.Which of the following thread state transitions are valid?
7.13.16.Answer: thread state transitions
7.13.17.What is the result of this code?
7.13.18.Answer: Thread
7.13.19.What is the output(sleeping thread)?

7.13.20.Answer: sleeping thread
7.13.21.What is the result of trying to compile and run this program?
7.13.22.Answer: synchronized block
7.13.23.The notifyAll() method must be called from a synchronized context(True/False)
7.13.24.Answer: notifyAll
7.13.25.To call wait(), an object must own the lock on the thread(True/False)
7.13.26.Answer: wait()