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9.8.1.Unicode characters are all 16 bits(True/False).
9.8.2.Answer: unicode
9.8.3.When creating an instance of File class, you have to use the file-naming semantics of the local machine(True/False).
9.8.4.Answer: File class creation
9.8.5.When constructing File class instance, there has to a corresponding file on the file system.
9.8.6.Answer: File class instance
9.8.7.How to use File class to list the contents of a directory?
9.8.8.Answer: File class and directory
9.8.9.What is the output(FileOutputStream)?

9.8.10.Answer: FileOutputStream
9.8.11.Construct a FileReader, passing the name of the file. Call the file reader's readInt() method(True/False).
9.8.12.Answer: FileReader
9.8.13.Create a PipedInputStream, passing the name of the file. Call the piped input stream's readInt() method(True/False).
9.8.14.Answer: PipedInputStream
9.8.15.Create a FileReader, passing the name of the file. Chain a DataInputStream Onto the FileReader(True/False).
9.8.16.Answer: FileReader and chain
9.8.17.Readers have methods that can read and return floats and doubles(True/False).
9.8.18.Answer: file readers
9.8.19.Readers have methods that can read and return floats(True/False).

9.8.20.Answer: readers
9.8.21.Can you create File in the following way?
9.8.22.Answer: File object creation
9.8.23.What is the output(RandomAccessFile)?
9.8.24.Answer: using RandomAccessFile
9.8.25.Default serialization is bypassed only if the writeObject() method has private access(True/False).
9.8.26.Answer: serialization
9.8.27.Default deserialization is bypassed only if the readObject() method has private access(True/False).
9.8.28.Answer: deserialization and readObject()
9.8.29.For the following code, how to avoid an exception during deserialization of an instance of C?
9.8.30.Answer: exception and deserialization
9.8.31.How to avoid an exception during deserialization of an instance of C?
9.8.32.Answer: externalizable
9.8.33.Which fields are written when an instance of MyClass is serialized?
9.8.34.Answer: implements
9.8.35.What method from the can create a file on the hard drive?
9.8.36.Answer: file creation
9.8.37.System.out has a println() method(True/False).
9.8.38.Answer: System.out
9.8.39.System.out has a format() method(True/False).
9.8.40.Answer: System.out and format()
9.8.41.System.err has a println() method(True/False).
9.8.42.Answer: System.err
9.8.43.System.err has a format () method(True/False).
9.8.44.Answer: System.err and format()
9.8.45.Which are valid mode strings for the RandomAccessFile constructor?
9.8.46.Answer for valid mode for the RandomAccessFile
9.8.47.Which of the following are valid arguments to the DataInputStream constructor?
9.8.48.Answer: DataInputStream constructor
9.8.49.The InputStream and OutputStream classes are byte-oriented(True/False).
9.8.50.Answer: InputStream and OutputStream
9.8.51.The ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream classes do not support serialized object input and output(True/False).
9.8.52.Answer: ObjectInputStream and ObjectOutputStream
9.8.53.The Reader and Writer classes are character-oriented(True/False).
9.8.54.Answer: Reader and Writer
9.8.55.How many bytes does the following program write to temp.txt?
9.8.56.Answer: bytes written