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1.13.1.The syntax of the WHERE clause with a LIKE phrase
1.13.2.Example Results that match the mask
1.13.3.LIKE 'DAMI[EO]N'
1.13.4.use LIKE to retrieve rows that match a string pattern.
1.13.5.LIKE 'N[^K-Y]'
1.13.6.NOT LIKE '[1-9]%'
1.13.7.LIKE is an operator that compares column values with a specified pattern.
1.13.8.The use of the wildcard characters % and_.
1.13.9.begin with a character in the range C through F.

1.13.10.The character ^ specifies the negation of a range or a list of characters.
1.13.11.The condition column NOT LIKE 'pattern' is equivalent to the condition NOT (column LIKE 'pattern')
1.13.12.Any of the wildcard characters (%, _' [, ], or ?) enclosed in square brackets stand for themselves.
1.13.13.ESCAPE option
1.13.14.Use two variables in like function
1.13.15.Pattern matching with upper case string
1.13.16.Using Wildcards with LIKE and '_'