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2.1.1.The syntax of the INSERT statement for inserting a single row
2.1.2.INSERT Statement
2.1.3.Inserting Data for a Subset of Table Columns
2.1.4.The insertion of values into some (but not all) of a table's columns usually requires the explicit specification of the corresponding columns.
2.1.5.The order of column names in the VALUE clause of the INSERT statement can be different from the original order of those columns.
2.1.6.An INSERT statement that adds the new row using a column list
2.1.7.INSERT statement with a column list
2.1.9.Use declared variables in insert statement

2.1.10.An INSERT statement that fails because a related row doesn't exist
2.1.11.eliminate the optional column list and allow SQL Server to assume we're providing something for every column
2.1.12.How to add rows to a table based on the output of a stored procedure