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3.2.1.The basic syntax of the ALTER TABLE statement
3.2.2.drop column syntax
3.2.3.Change the length of the emp_name column in the employee table from varchar(30) to varchar(50)
3.2.4.Alter table to add a constraint based on IN function
3.2.5.Altering a Table: A Basic Form
3.2.6.Alter table to add column
3.2.7.Alter table to drop a column
3.2.8.The DROP COLUMN clause provides the ability to drop an existing column of the table.
3.2.9.ALTER data size for a COLUMN

3.2.10.Altering a Table: Enhanced Form
3.2.11.Use ALTER TABLE statement to define the primary key
3.2.12.Use ALTER TABLE statement to define the foreign key of a table.
3.2.13.Each declarative integrity constraint can be removed using the DROP clause of the ALTER TABLE statement.
3.2.14.Expanded nvarchar(20) to nvarchar(300)
3.2.15.Creating a Computed Column in alter table command
3.2.16.Create a Table Index