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4.1.Table Join
4.1.1.SQL Server 2005 join types fall into three categories: inner, outer, and cross.
4.1.2.Selecting authors and titles using only joins.
4.1.3.A SELECT statement that joins the Bankers and Billings tables
4.1.4.Joining Tables in the WHERE Clause (not ANSI standard)
4.1.5.Using the GROUP BY Clause
4.1.6.Joining three tables.
4.1.7.Joins and Subqueries
4.1.8.Left and Right Outer Joins
4.1.9.Joining Tables in the FROM Clause (ANSI standard)

4.1.10.Table Aliasing
4.1.11.Join tables with two columns
4.1.12.The result of the previous join is then joined to another table
4.1.13.SQL-92 Three-Way Inner Joins
4.1.14.Forcing the Order of Join Processing