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5.9.1.datetime type
5.9.2.Store the date and time for a change in a datetime format.
5.9.3.Billings on or before a specified date
5.9.4.A BETWEEN phrase with literal values
5.9.5.Using comperison operator with Date value
5.9.6.Between date
5.9.7.SET start_Date = GETDATE()
5.9.8.Use 'LIKE pattern' match with a date type value
5.9.9.An UPDATE statement that assigns new values to datetime column with string value

5.9.10.CAST(OrderDate AS varchar)
5.9.11.Specify date with string (OrderDate = '7/4/1996')
5.9.12.Performing Date Conversions
5.9.13.SELECT CONVERT(datetime, CONVERT( varchar(11), '2005-08-13 20:37:22.570', 101))
5.9.14.Add integer and float number to a date value
5.9.15.A SELECT statement that ignores date values
5.9.16.A SELECT statement that uses the CONVERT function to remove time values
5.9.17.A SELECT statement that uses the CAST function to remove time values
5.9.18.A SELECT statement that searches for month, day, and year components