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5.27.1.To use a string literal or a date literal in a comparison, enclose it in quotes.
5.27.2.Varchar type value pattern matching
5.27.3.Selecting the length of a varchar column.
5.27.4.How to concatenate string data
5.27.5.How to format string data using literal values
5.27.6.How to include apostrophes in literal values
5.27.8.Replace the string '102' located at offset 9 (zero-based) with the string 'one hundred and two'
5.27.9.City name is Dallas

5.27.10.The IN() Function matches a field to any number of values in a list.
5.27.11.Use REPLICATE to fill a varchar type variable
5.27.12.CONVERT(varchar(12), OrderDate, 111)
5.27.13.Performing String Concatenation