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17.1.1.The basic syntax of the CREATE INDEX statement
17.1.2.Create an index for the column emp_no of the table employee.
17.1.3.Enforce Uniqueness on Non-Key Columns
17.1.4.Create a Composite Index
17.1.5.Define Index Column Sort Direction
17.1.6.Disable an Index
17.1.7.Change an Existing Index with DROP_EXISTING
17.1.8.Intermediate Index Creation in Tempdb
17.1.9.Control Parallel Plan Execution for Index Creation

17.1.10.Allow User Table Access During Index Creation
17.1.11.Using an Index INCLUDE
17.1.13.Disable page locks. Table and row locks can still be used.
17.1.14.Disable page and row locks. Only table locks can be used.
17.1.15.Allow page and row locks
17.1.16.Creating an Index on a Filegroup
17.1.17.Indexing a View
17.1.18.A statement that creates a nonclustered index based on two columns