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21.2.1.The syntax for creating a multi-statement table-valued function
21.2.2.The syntax for creating a scalar-valued function
21.2.3.The syntax for creating a simple table-valued function
21.2.4.The syntax of the ALTER FUNCTION statement for a scalar valued function
21.2.5.The syntax for altering a simple table-valued function
21.2.6.The syntax for altering a multi-statement table-valued function
21.2.7.Call user-defined function in where clause
21.2.8.Call two user-defined functions in a select statement

21.2.10.Multistatement Table-Valued Functions
21.2.11.Pass a declared variable to a function
21.2.12.Return TOP 100 PERCENT WITH TIES from a function
21.2.13.Get the 3 employees with the most RegionPlace
21.2.14.Use function as a view
21.2.15.Create a scalar-valued function that returns the total Billing amount due
21.2.16.Invoke the scalar-valued function
21.2.17.A SELECT statement that uses the function in a join operation
21.2.18.Use function to wrap a long sql statement
21.2.19.Query a table returned from a function