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25.29.1.sp_dboption [databasename,option,{TRUE¦FALSE}]
25.29.2.sp_dboption is a system function that allows a specific database option to be set.
25.29.3.autoclose - ensures that the database is cleaned up.
25.29.4.read only - If set to True, no modifications to the data can be made.
25.29.5.dbo use - If set to True means that only the user ID that created the database has access and can use the database.
25.29.6.single - When set to True, only one user has access to the database at a time.
25.29.7.autoshrink - A setting of True indicates that that this database can be shrunk in size safely.
25.29.8.ANSI null default
25.29.9.quoted identifier