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2.38.String Functions
2.38.1.Passing String values to Val
2.38.2.Passing formatted numeric values to Val
2.38.3.IsNumeric, IsDate, IsNothing
2.38.4.Duplicate a string
2.38.5.Get string index by using InStr
2.38.6.CStr: Convert Double to String
2.38.7.Len: get string length

2.38.12.Use String.Concat to concatenate two strings
2.38.13.Format: c
2.38.14.String handling function: Len
2.38.15.Left: get characters from left
2.38.16.Right: get characters from right
2.38.17.Mid(string, 4, 5): get sub string from middle
2.38.18.Mid(string, 7): get sub string from start
2.38.19.Instr: find character in a string

2.38.20.Instr: find sub string a in a string
2.38.21.LCase: change string to lower case
2.38.22.UCase: change string to upper case
2.38.23.Change string case using the English-United States and Turkish-Turkey cultures and then compare
2.38.24.Determines whether a string is normalized to various normalization forms(String.Normalize and the String.IsNormalized method)