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5.2.Date Format
5.2.1.Use format specifiers to control the date display
5.2.2.Date format: dd
5.2.3.Date format: ddd
5.2.4.Date format: dddd
5.2.5.Date format: HH:mm:ss.fff z
5.2.6.Date format: yy/MM/dd g
5.2.7.Date format: s, u, Z
5.2.8.Date format: {0:dddd},
5.2.9.Date format: {0:d} ;{1:D}

5.2.10.Date format: {0:t} ;{1:T}
5.2.11.Date format: {0:f} ;{1:F}
5.2.12.Date format: {0:g} ;{1:G}
5.2.13.Date format: {0:m} ;{1:M}
5.2.14.Date format: {0:yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss}
5.2.15.Date format: {0:MMMM-dd-yy HH:mm:ss}
5.2.16.Format the current date in various ways
5.2.17.Date and time and numeric values using several different cultures.
5.2.18.Custom Format Strings
5.2.19.Defines a custom format string that displays the day of the week in parentheses after the month name, day, and year.