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Imports System
Imports System.Collections

Class Employee
  Public Name As String
  Public Wage As Double

  Public Sub New(ByVal N As String, ByVal W As Double)
    Name = N
    Wage = W
  End Sub

    Public Sub PayRaise(ByVal Amount As Double)
        Wage += Amount
    End Sub

    Public Overrides Function ToString() As String
        Return Name & " " & Wage
    End Function
End Class

Class Employer
  Private MEmployees As Hashtable

  Public Sub New()
    MEmployees = New Hashtable()
  End Sub

  Public Property Employee(ByVal ID As Integer) As Employee
      Dim TheObject As Object
      TheObject = MEmployees.Item(ID)
      Return CType(TheObject, Employee)
    End Get

    Set(ByVal Value As Employee)
      MEmployees.Item(ID) = Value
    End Set
  End Property
End Class

Module Test
  Sub Main()
    Dim Employer As New Employer()

    Employer.Employee(1) = New Employee("A", 25000)
    Employer.Employee(2) = New Employee("J", 35000)
    Employer.Employee(3) = New Employee("T", 17000)
    Employer.Employee(4) = New Employee("E", 16500)

    Dim ID As Integer = 3

    Dim Who As Employee
    Who = employer.Employee(ID)

    If Who Is Nothing Then
      Console.WriteLine("Unrecognized ID: {0}", ID)
      Console.WriteLine("Employee details: {0}", Who)
    End If
  End Sub
End Module
Employee details: T 17000

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