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6.38.1.Define and use a Property
6.38.2.Default Property
6.38.3.Two properties
6.38.4.Do calculation in Property getter
6.38.5.Properties with Getter and Setter
6.38.6.Shared variable and Shared Property
6.38.7.Class with a property that performs validation
6.38.8.ReadOnly property
6.38.9.MultiKey Properties

6.38.10.Overloaded Properties
6.38.11.Shared Properties
6.38.12.Single Indexed Property
6.38.13.Loop through two dimensional array with GetUpperBound and GetLowerBound
6.38.14.Use Property to set private data
6.38.15.Do data check in property set
6.38.16.Convert data type in property set
6.38.17.Throw Exception in Property setting
6.38.18.Change value in Property getter
6.38.19.Friend Property

6.38.20.Readable and Writable
6.38.21.Person with FirstName and LastName Property
6.38.22.Define a class with one property and retrieves the name and type of the property