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8.1.1.Array declaration
8.1.2.Declaring and allocating an array
8.1.3.Initializing arrays
8.1.4.Display the contents of a single-dimension array
8.1.5.Assing array element value by using index
8.1.6.Computing sum of elements in array.
8.1.7.Initialize Array element during declaration
8.1.8.Array Resize
8.1.9.Insert element in the middle of an Array

8.1.10.One dimesional array performance
8.1.11.Two dimesional array performance
8.1.12.Array Clone
8.1.13.Array length: negative
8.1.14.Reorder the elements of an array in a random order
8.1.15.Swap elements in an array
8.1.16.Use For loop to initialize Integer array