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Button PerformClick Method
imports System
imports System.Drawing
imports System.Windows.Forms

public class ButtonPerformClick : inherits Form

  dim btn1 as Button
  dim btn2 as Button

  public sub New()
    Size = new Size(200,100)

    btn1 = new Button()
    btn1.Parent = me
    btn1.Text = "Button1"
    btn1.Location = new Point(10,10)
    AddHandler btn1.Click, AddressOf btn1_Click

    btn2 = new Button()
    btn2.Parent = me
    btn2.Text = "Button1"
    btn2.Location = new Point(100,10)
    AddHandler btn2.Click, AddressOf btn2_Click
  end sub

  private sub btn1_Click(ByVal sender as object,ByVal e as EventArgs)
    MessageBox.Show("Button1 clicked.")
  end sub

  private sub btn2_Click(ByVal sender as object,ByVal e as EventArgs)
    MessageBox.Show("Button2 clicked.")
  end sub

  public shared sub Main() 
    Application.Run(new ButtonPerformClick())
  end sub

end class

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