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16.35.Grid Operation
16.35.1.Add a ColumnDefinition to GridAdd a ColumnDefinition to Grid
16.35.2.Add a RowDefinition to GridAdd a RowDefinition to Grid
16.35.3.Clear All ColumnsClear All Columns
16.35.4.Clear All RowsClear All Rows
16.35.5.Remove One ColumnRemove One Column
16.35.6.Remove One RowRemove One Row
16.35.7.The current number of ColumnsThe current number of Columns
16.35.8.The current number of RowsThe current number of Rows
16.35.9.Remove 5 Columns with ColumnDefinitions.RemoveRangeRemove 5 Columns with ColumnDefinitions.RemoveRange

16.35.10.Remove 5 Row with RowDefinitions.RemoveRangeRemove 5 Row with RowDefinitions.RemoveRange
16.35.11.Contains RowContains Row
16.35.12.Contains Column?Contains Column?
16.35.13.Insert RowInsert Row
16.35.14.Insert ColumnInsert Column
16.35.15.Set control to specific row and column in codeSet control to specific row and column in code