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20.6.1.[\p{P}\d] matches all punctuation and decimal digit characters.
20.6.2.[\s\p{P}] matches all white-space and punctuation.
20.6.3.Negative Character Group: [^]
20.6.4.Any Character: . matches any character except \n
20.6.5.Unicode Category or Unicode Block: \p{}
20.6.6.\W matches any non-word character.
20.6.7.(\w+) matches one or more word characters.
20.6.8.(\w){1,2} matches a non-word character either one or two times.
20.6.9.[aeiou] matches all vowels.

20.6.10.Either/Or Pattern Matching with | section
20.6.11.Regular expression using either/or
20.6.12.Regular expression using character class.
20.6.13.Negative Unicode Category or Unicode Block: \P{}