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5.2.1. Element
5.2.2.output method="xml" indent="yes" encoding="ISO-8859-1"
5.2.3.output indent="yes"
5.2.4.output method="text" indent="no"
5.2.5.output method="text"
5.2.6.Set output encoding, indent, standalone, doctype
5.2.7.html: "disable-output-escaping xsl:output"
5.2.8.xml: "disable-output-escaping xsl:output"
5.2.9.text: "disable-output-escaping xsl:output"

5.2.10.The XSLT stylesheet used to generate a CSV file
5.2.11.outputs in UTF-8
5.2.12.in UTF-16
5.2.13.in Cp1250
5.2.14.in ISO-8859-1
5.2.15.text output method outputs the string-value of every text node