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5.16.1.number level="any" count="section | element" format="1. "
5.16.2.number format: roman
5.16.3.number format=" 01. "
5.16.4.number value="1000000" grouping-size="3" grouping-separator=","
5.16.5.number format="A."
5.16.6.number format="I "
5.16.7.number format=" a. "
5.16.8.number value="position()" format="1. "
5.16.9.number format="1. "

5.16.10.number value="count(car)" format="01"
5.16.11.number count="manufacturer|car" level="multiple" format="1.1. "
5.16.12.count="manufacturer|car" level="any" format="1. "
5.16.13.xsl:number inserts formated numbers into output
5.16.14.The format is given with format attribute.
5.16.15.The attribute starts with format identificator followed by separator characters.
5.16.16.xsl:number value="position()" format="a# "
5.16.17.xsl:number value="position()" format="i: "
5.16.18.xsl:number value="position()" format="I... "
5.16.19.demonstrates the default behaviour of xsl:number element

5.16.20.Setting the attribute level into multiple