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5.45.for each
5.45.1.The xsl:for-each element allows all nodes in a node-set to be processed according to the XSLT instructions nested inside the xsl:for-each element.
5.45.2.Nested for-each loop with sorting
5.45.3.Output xml elements in for-each loop
5.45.4.for-each select=preceding-sibling::address[zip=./zip]
5.45.5.for-each select=//address[generate-id(.)=generate-id(key(zipcodes, zip)[1])]
5.45.6.Use for-each loop to output list items
5.45.7.for-each select="addressbook/address" and sort
5.45.8.compares sorted and unsorted xsl:for-each element
5.45.9.xsl:for-each instruction contains a template, which is applied to each node selected with select attribute.