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5.67.1.xsl:template match="/"
5.67.2.Call template based function recursively
5.67.4.template match=state priority=2
5.67.5.without if
5.67.6.Template with parameters
5.67.7.Mark a parameter as requred
5.67.8.While XSLT does not define while and for loops, their behavior can be simulated.
5.67.9.A template can match from a selection of location paths, individual paths being separated with "|".

5.67.10.This priority order can be specified with the priority attributte.
5.67.11.the default action in the absence of priority attributes.
5.67.12.With modes an element can be processed multiple times, each time producing a different result.
5.67.13.Parts of XML document to which template should be applied are determined by location paths
5.67.14.Processing always starts with the template match="/"
5.67.15.When a template for the node exists, there is no default processing invoked
5.67.16.If you want to include descendants of the node, you have to explicitly request their templates.