Android UI How to - Android Layout Example


  1. Android Align parent in RelativeLayout


  1. Android Create a TableLayout with only one row
  2. Android Put TableLayout into a LinearLayout
  3. Android TableLayout with two TableRow


  1. Android Create custom layout
  2. Android Provide extra layout xml file for Tablet
  3. Android Provide layout for landscape
  4. Android Set layout weight, gravity and background


  1. Android Create custom view from FrameLayout
  2. Android Create FrameLayout with TouchDelegate
  3. Android Create FrameLayout with two TextView
  4. Android Use FrameLayout inside TabHost


  1. Android Create Layout Changes Animation
  2. Android Set one view to the right of another view


  1. Android Create LinearLayout Programmatically
  2. Android Create nested LinearLayout
  3. Android Use LinearLayout to layout common controls
  4. Android Use LinearLayout to layout widgets