C# Tutorial Select


  1. Check if a string array contains a value in CSharp
  2. Check if a string array has elements whose length is longer than 5 in CSharp
  3. Check if an int array contains an element in CSharp
  4. Check if an int array has event value with All in CSharp
  5. Check if there are customers from Asia with All in CSharp
  6. Create a Lookup mapping from string to object in CSharp
  7. Create a loopup from birthday to formatted name in CSharp
  8. Do calculation in select statement in CSharp
  9. Get position in a Query in CSharp
  10. Mark odd or even for a list of int value with Select in CSharp
  11. Matches value with its index in the array in CSharp
  12. Query an array of object by its property value in CSharp
  13. Query by Person ' s FirstName in CSharp
  14. Reflect result from Linq in CSharp
  15. Select object in the from statement in CSharp
  16. Select string length from string array in CSharp
  17. Select string length out of string array in CSharp
  18. Select substring from a string array in CSharp
  19. Select type from value in CSharp
  20. Square the value from a Range and order by in CSharp
  21. Use Index when querying array with LINQ in CSharp
  22. Use LINQ statement to query an int array in CSharp


  1. Create Nested query on object list in CSharp
  2. Return query from nested Enumerable methods in CSharp


  1. Create new object in select operator in CSharp
  2. Create new object in select statement in CSharp
  3. Create new object on attributes from returned object in CSharp
  4. Create new object with select statement in CSharp
  5. Output properties created by select new in CSharp
  6. Query a list of objects by its property and return new object in CSharp
  7. Return new objects from select and output in a for loop in CSharp
  8. Use select new clause to create new object in CSharp

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