C# Tutorial Attribute


  1. Access All of an Element ' s Attributes with the Attributes in CSharp
  2. Access Element ' s Attributes Using the Attributes Method in CSharp
  3. Access an Element ' s First Attribute with the FirstAttribute Property in CSharp
  4. Access the Last Attribute with the LastAttribute Property in CSharp
  5. Access the Next Attribute with the NextAttribute Property in CSharp
  6. Access the Previous Attribute with the PreviousAttribute Property in CSharp
  7. Check if attribute has a namespace declaration in CSharp
  8. Get XAttribute by name in CSharp
  9. Get a collection of attributes of this element in CSharp
  10. Get the node type for XAttribute in CSharp
  11. Get the the number of attributes using XmlReader in CSharp
  12. Get value for an Attribute in CSharp


  1. Add an attribute to the root node in CSharp
  2. Add serveral XML attribute to Element in CSharp
  3. Create Attribute with namespace in CSharp
  4. Create an Attribute and Adding It to Its Element in CSharp
  5. Create an XElement from tag name and attribute name and value in CSharp


  1. Cast attribute and check null in CSharp
  2. Cast the value of XAttribute to a Boolean in CSharp
  3. Cast the value of XAttribute to a DateTime in CSharp


  1. Change an Attribute ' s Value in CSharp
  2. Get or set the value of an attribute in CSharp
  3. Set the value for attribute in CSharp
  4. Use SetAttributeValue to Add, Delete, and Update Attributes in CSharp


  1. Remove an Attribute in CSharp
  2. Remove nodes and attributes from XElement in CSharp
  3. Remove the attributes from XElement in CSharp

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