Java Collection How to - Java List Example

  1. Java Add element to the end of a List/in the middle of a List
  2. Java Add or insert an element to List using ListIterator
  3. Java Add to synchronized List by many threads
  4. Java Append all elements of other Collection to ArrayList
  5. Java Benchmark LinkedList vs ArrayList in the case of insertion in the middle of list
  6. Java Bidirectional Traversal with ListIterator
  7. Java Check Capacity
  8. Java Check value frequency with Collections.frequency
  9. Java Compare equality of Lists of String arrays
  10. Java Compare for Equality
  11. Java Copy value from one list to another list
  12. Java Create an unmodifiable map
  13. Java Create a new list with values from fields from existing list with Function Mapper
  14. Java Create a new list with values from fields from existing list with Lambda
  15. Java Create a read-only list, via the unmodifiableList() method of the Collections class
  16. Java Create List to store only unique values
  17. Java Create Priority Queue to ignore duplicates
  18. Java Fetch Elements with iterator
  19. Java Find duplicate entries in Collection
  20. Java Get an Element from a List, get a sublist
  21. Java Get Previous and next index using ListIterator
  22. Java Insert all elements of other Collection to Specified Index of ArrayList
  23. Java Merge two items from a List into one
  24. Java Modify a member of an object from ArrayList
  25. Java Put Comma separated values in Collecton Map Object
  26. Java Retain Another Collection
  27. Java Shuffle a list
  28. Java Store value without considering case of String key in a Set
  29. Java Test if a List is Unmodifable List
  30. Java Unload a classloader with garbage collected
  31. Java Use different ways to iterate over a List

  1. Java Binary Search element in a list
  2. Java Find keys from both the Linked HashMap and store it in a list alternatively
  3. Java Find Range in which value lies
  4. Java Search element for Position
  5. Java Search if an item or a sublist is in a List
  6. Java Search List


  1. Java Convert Array to List
  2. Java Convert a List to a Set
  3. Java Convert list into an array
  4. Java Convert List to Read-Only List
  5. Java Convert Set into List


  1. Java Fill n Copies of Specified Object to a List
  2. Java Fill save value to a list


  1. Java Insert into Sorted LinkedList
  2. Java Merge duplicates and sort with TreeSet
  3. Java Sorting by values in HashMap class using Java
  4. Java Sort an Arraylist in ascending order using using Collections and comparator
  5. Java Sort ArrayList of custom Objects by property
  6. Java Sort a list
  7. Java Sort a list based on 2 object attributes
  8. Java Sort a list of IP address
  9. Java Sort a List of objects by multiple fields
  10. Java Sort a pair of string using collection
  11. Java Sort List on object fields enum constant values
  12. Java Sort string data as date value from List object
  13. Java Sort String list in case insensitive order


  1. Java Remove Another Collection
  2. Java Remove an element from List using ListIterator
  3. Java Remove a Single Element
  4. Java Remove Duplicates(Old Objects) from List
  5. Java Remove duplicate items from a List
  6. Java Remove elements from list with out using remove method
  7. Java Remove item from collection without using remove method
  8. Java Set Operating on Lists: addAll, removeAll, retainAll, subList


  1. Java Replace an element from List using ListIterator
  2. Java Replace Elements in a List


  1. Java Reverse an unmodifiable List
  2. Java Reverse a List


  1. Java Rotate a List