Java Collection How to - Java Map Example

  1. Java Add compute value to Map entry
  2. Java Check if a particular key/value exists in HashMap
  3. Java Clone a java hashmap
  4. Java Convert List to Hashmap using the index as key
  5. Java Create custom Comparator for TreeMap
  6. Java Create histogram from numbers
  7. Java Create Many to one mappings for String values
  8. Java Create String to super class type mapping
  9. Java Create String to Your own type map
  10. Java Create word counter of text using hashmap
  11. Java Extract values from HashMap
  12. Java Find messages from certain key till certain key
  13. Java Get ceiling key from NavigableMap
  14. Java Get default value from HashMap
  15. Java Get default value from Map
  16. Java Get entry element from Map
  17. Java Get floor key from NavigableMap
  18. Java Get higher key from NavigableMap
  19. Java Get keys with the biggest values from a hashmap
  20. Java Get key and value set respectively from HashMap
  21. Java Get lower key from NavigableMap
  22. Java Get Size of HashMap
  23. Java Get top 10 values in hash map
  24. Java Iterate through the values of HashMap
  25. Java Keep the insertion order with LinkedHashMap
  26. Java Loop for each item in Map
  27. Java Loop through Map by Map.Entry
  28. Java Merge Map value
  29. Java Navigate through Map
  30. Java Read map by Map.Entry
  31. Java Remove (all) values from HashMap
  32. Java Remove by key in Map
  33. Java Remove key value pair from HashMap
  34. Java Replace/Change HashMap items during iteration
  35. Java Replace key and value in hashmap with identical key and different values
  36. Java Retrieve all the keys from HashMap
  37. Java Store String to int array map in HashMap
  38. Java Track the order of insertion using collections
  39. Java Update Java HashMap Object key only, result in unexpected behaniour
  40. Java Use Iterator to loop through the Map key set
  41. Java Use null value as key in HashMap


  1. Java Convert a Map to a read only map
  2. Java Convert HashMap to Hashtable
  3. Java Convert HashMap to Set
  4. Java Convert HashMap to Synchronized Map
  5. Java Convert HashMap to TreeMap to sort key-value pair by keys


  1. Java Create a Sortable Value Map
  2. Java Get Sorted keys from TreeMap
  3. Java Sort a Map by values
  4. Java Sort HashMap by Value
  5. Java Sort Hashmap keys by numerical value descending order
  6. Java Sort HashMap with duplicate values
  7. Java Sort Map values by key
  8. Java Sort objects in HashMap on their properties rather than values
  9. Java Sort TreeMaps or ArrayLists with Person objects based on their ID, name, or birthdate

Sub Map

  1. Java Get Sub Map from TreeMap in Java
  2. Java Get Tail/Sub Map from TreeMap(Sorted Map)