Scala Tutorial - Scala If

The result of if expressions in Scala is always Unit.

The result of if/else is based on the type of each part of the expression.


The following code illustrates if expressions in Scala.

if (exp) println("yes")

The code above prints "yes" if exp is true.

Like Java, an if expression may have a multiline code block.

if (exp) {
    println("Line one")
    println("Line two")

The if/else in Scala behaves like the ternary operator in Java:

val i: Int = if (exp) 1 else 3

and either (or both) parts of the expression may have multiline code blocks as illustrated in the following code.

val i: Int = if (exp)
             else {
                val j = System.currentTimeMillis
                (j % 100L).toInt